I HAVE HEARD WORLD FAMOUS SOLOISTS PLAYING IN PERSON ON THEIR DEL GESUS AND STRADS... MAESTROS HEIFETZ, KREISLER, STERN, PERLMAN, ZUKERMAN, ZEITLIN, OLIVEIRA. I have heard them all in person! Sometimes I was sitting just a few feet away during their whole performance.  Also personally I have myself played on the Library of Congress Stainer. What a mellow sound! In my 78 years of playing violin and hearing the experts perform for many happy hours I know how a great violin sounds. My Schneider tail piece out performs all their best violins.      I AM OFFERING YOU  RIGHT NOW A  FREE SCHNEIDER STANDARD TAIL PIECE CONVERSION KIT NORMALLY WORTH $30. THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY OFFER! SEND YOUR email with your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS TO OUR email "jarms2@earthlink.net" and WE WILL MAIL YOU YOUR  FREE KIT. Your names and addresses will remain confidential and not be sold or otherwise divulged to anyone.

                                                Welcome To Violin Tail Piece Obsolete   

 This research effort has been going on for at least ten years. PLEASE SEE MY VIDEO BELOW. I hope you enjoyed the amazing new sound and resonance my new design gives to all violins and violas. I suffered a stroke that has made my left hand impaired so you see how badly I play. If I could hit all the notes properly the sound would be even more beautiful! You can hit the notes properly so send in to get your own Schneider tail piece and see just how much more beautifully you can play than I do. The secret of this amazing sound is not only in the materials I use but in their much lighter weight compared to current tail pieces with their attached fine tuners and even carved decorations.In the case of violin/viola tail pieces "less is better". If you are worried about tuning your strings without a bunch of fine tuners it will be something you will learn very quickly. A heavy wooden tail piece and heavy fine tuners are not needed. For some unexplained reason once the strings are attached to an amazing Schneider tail piece and are in tune THEY STAY IN TUNE FOR DAYS AND EVEN WEEKS AT A TIME! IMPORTANT There is a $50.00 professional model for those who change strings frequently which makes it easier to change strings. Keep that in mind when you order.


TO ORDER For each tail piece send your name and mailing address and a Postal money order to David Schneider, 508 2nd Ave North, Lake Worth, FL. 33460 (The money should be for $30.00 each unit. (Florida residence add $1.80 sales tax for each unit.) ADD YOUR MAILING ADDRESS AND NAME SO WE CAN GET IT TO YOU. AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR ORDER.

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